Preachers of Hate

Preachers of Hate Preachers of Hate SPECIAL INVESTIGATION HELEN HOODWINKED BY PREACHERS OF HATE OSAMA BIN LADEN’S TENTACLES REACH NEW ZEALAND’S FIVE MAIN CENTRES IN MASSIVE BORDER SECURITY BREACH Some of the world’s most extreme Islamic preachers, and organizations linked to terrorist groups, have spent seven years infiltrating New Zealand’s moderate Muslim community – running… Continue reading Preachers of Hate

The rocking of the Dome

The rocking of the Dome: THE ROCKING OF THE DOME IAN WISHART reports on the infiltration of New Zealand’s Muslim community by Islamic fundamentalists. An Islamic “charity” involved in fundraising for Al Qa’ida and the South East Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiyah is trying to set up a front organisation in New Zealand, and may… Continue reading The rocking of the Dome