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Islamic propaganda targets children

“Islamic propaganda targets children” trigger warning: the historical evidence for the current Islamic truth is below. In a desperate bid to recruit more western families and solo mothers, government sponsored media are promoting openly Islamic propaganda that directly targets children, while very little is being done to prevent child abuse in this country! While local… Continue reading Islamic propaganda targets children

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Refugees live-streamed honour beating

The NZ government and education system cannot continue to proclaim all cultures/religions are equally valid while people live here in NZ. One could guarantee that this is not the first time that Refugees have live-streamed an honour beating such as like this here in New Zealand. “The defendants had each been raised in a loving,… Continue reading Refugees live-streamed honour beating

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Jacinda gives millions to terror mosque

Also see: the long history of faithful Canterbury Muslims. The Government has announced a million-dollar fund to help support victims and families of the Christchurch Mosque attack on March 15. It’s one of the recommendations of the Royal Commission, but victims say it’s too little – and two years too late. Friday’s announcement promising more… Continue reading Jacinda gives millions to terror mosque

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Another Kiwi terrorist freed

Yet another Kiwi Terrorist freed from detention after serving with ISIS will enjoy freedom here. Suhayra Aden follows in Mark John Taylor’s footsteps. This is why New Zealand ranked the most ‘Islamic country in the world’. “Free subject to conditions” would be the security status of terror suspect Suhayra Aden if she returns to New… Continue reading Another Kiwi terrorist freed

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Roadshow normalises terrorist ideology

Once again NZ government funded one-man jihad publicity department Anjum Rahman’s roadshow normalises terrorist ideology for small town New Zealand. In October 2019, Anjum Rahman, as acting head of the Islamic Women’s Council, verified that she does not understand the difference between the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association‘s wannabe Islamic State jihadi trying to leave NZ… Continue reading Roadshow normalises terrorist ideology

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FIANZ demand report action

NZ’s dhimmi halal tax administrator, FIANZ, are demanding report action on the Brenton Tarrant Royal Commission’s recently released paper. There is no mention in this report of the inspiration of the attack: Islamic Terrorism, or the long history of sponsorship of Islamic Terrorism around the world by the Christchurch Islamic community. The report can be… Continue reading FIANZ demand report action

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Muslim Academics back NZ “far right”

Some holiday reading compliments Western academia. Muslim Academics back the NZ “far right”, who in turn agree wholeheartedly with Muslim academics and top community leaders. We (anyone who disagrees with the current government PC narrative) are labelled by the NZ govt/media/academics/trade unions as “far right” because we stand against the new values promoted by foreign… Continue reading Muslim Academics back NZ “far right”

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Arden imports jihadi welfare bride

Turkey has no problem buying oil and providing arms for Islamic State, yet now it’s dream is over, Turkey wants to pawn it’s citizens off on the Western welfare states. Ever since French jihadi Ahmed Zaoui escaped to NZ on his false passport, New Zealand has been know as a soft touch for money laundering… Continue reading Arden imports jihadi welfare bride

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Ardern approves the Saudi slaughter of Yemenese

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern approves the Saudi slaughter of Yemenese to appease her Islamic benefactors who have pumped millions more into the New Zealand economy since the 2019 Christchurch shooting. Those New Zealand Muslims who insist the Saudi war on Yemen, in which two Kiwis recruited by the Christchurch mosque were killed, is… Continue reading Ardern approves the Saudi slaughter of Yemenese

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Investigation launched into whether Air NZ’s work for Saudi military is legal

Jacinda Ardern has welcomed millions of Saudi aid money into NZ since the Christchurch shooting! An investigation is underway into whether Air New Zealand has been breaking the law by helping the Saudi Arabian military. Airline boss Greg Foran has spent the day apologising after 1 NEWS revealed his company has carried out work for… Continue reading Investigation launched into whether Air NZ’s work for Saudi military is legal