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Sydney siege ‘elephant in the room’

Quran 22:58. And those who emigrated for the cause of God and then were killed or died – God will surely provide for them a good provision. This is ordinary Islam. “Imran Patel, 25, appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday on a charge of threatening behaviour following a dispute around the Avondale Islamic Centre in… Continue reading Sydney siege ‘elephant in the room’

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Hawke’s Bay Muslim backs Isis

Mr Kireka-Whaanga who said he wasn’t a violent person, pledged his support for Islamic State, saying it would bring down Western civilisation and true Muslims were behind Islamic State. He said he wanted to travel with his family to Syria, where one of his brothers already lived. … Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, of Hastings, was reportedly… Continue reading Hawke’s Bay Muslim backs Isis