Naked bodies on a Pakistan hospital roof

Naked bodies on a Pakistan hospital roof

In the latest news hidden by NZ media from one of the worlds largest  Islamic republics, members of the public have found naked bodies on a Pakistan hospital roof, in an Islamic government run hospital.

Flesh eating birds are often a boast of one of the miracles of the Quran by many New Zealand Muslims. these miracles are in the booklets and Korans that they hand out in mosques and markets throughout NZ. Here’s one example from HUDAtv, a channel with 581k subscribers, including many Kiwi muslims. Although this video doesn’t explain why members of the public have found naked bodies on a Pakistan hospital roof, it goes some way to explain Islamic thinking.

This is a news report about the naked bodies on a Pakistan hospital roof from WION:

Shocking details have emerged that dozens of corpses were found rotting on the roof of a hospital in Pakistan’s Multan city on Friday (October 14) following which an investigation has been launched by the authorities.

Some reports even claimed that at least 200 unclaimed bodies were dumped on the roof of the Nishtar Hospital’s anatomy department with eagles and crows scavenging on them. Gory images and videos have been circulating widely on various social media platforms.

Parvez Elahi, chief minister of the state of Punjab in Pakistan, constituted a committee to investigate the matter. The six-member committee, which is led by Muzamil Bashir, the specialist healthcare secretary, has been granted three days to conclude the investigation.

Pakistan-based media outlet Geo News reported that a top official from the hospital accused police and rescue workers for the decomposing bodies lying on the facility’s rooftop.

Dr Mariam Ashraf, who is Nishtar Medical University’s (NMU) head of the anatomy department, said that rescue officials and police were to blame for the piling up of bodies in the morgue and on its roof. Dr Ashraf said that the medical facility could not refuse to accept the bodies as it was bound to take them in as safekeeping.

The official was quoted as saying, “Police and rescue officials bring bodies and ask us to keep them but they do not take them back on time. We have written to them several times and asked them to take the bodies. Since there is a lag, such things happen.”

“When the bodies keep lying, they get infested with maggots who start eating them, and travel from one body to another. This is why, the decaying bodies are kept on the roof, where there are three rooms.”

According to the hospital official, the bodies that the hospital receives from the police and rescue officials are mostly in various stages of decomposition and hence cannot be kept in the mortuary.

“As a result, maggots start eating them, and then they can travel to a fresh body. This is why, the bodies that are decaying are kept on the roof, where there are three rooms,” the official was quoted as saying.

Shocking! Dozens of rotting bodies found on hospital roof in Pakistan, probe launched