NZ media crew arrested

New Zealand government media outlets have confirmed social media reports that the NZ media crew arrested were from Counterspin Media. They have however, added a new twist as to their charges.

Initially social media reports indicated that Counterspin presenters were arrested because they featured on a Government commissioned docu-drama recounting the 23 day Wellington protest in February that ended when the riot squad cleared the came as protesters slept. The Counterpin team produced a short video showing how the Govt sponsored “Fire & Fury” only attacked protester characters, without disputing any of the evidence presented of the harm of the vaccine or other issues raised by the protesters.

You can watch the Counterspin reply here: episode-71-stuffs-fire-and-fury-deep-state-hit-piece-misfires

Seven years ago Paula Penfold, the government paid presenter of the Wellington protest docu-drama which attacked Counterspin, produced a piece sympathetically investigating claims that the Gardasil vaccine was causing injuries ignored by the regulators. Lawsuits against Gardasil are still ongoing today.

However, state media confirmed that the NZ media crew arrested were detained and “charged with distributing an “objectionable publication”… “Earlier this year Counterspin published online excerpts from the March 15 terrorist’s livestream.”

This would be surprising if true. No one in NZ cares any longer about what happened on March 15. The Christchurch event is only ever referenced when Islamic crime hits the headlines, which is rarely due to the state media blackout on identifying criminal with an Islamic background.

Not so surprising, is that while Kiwi’s have been jailed for sharing information on the shooting, Muslims are still freely celebrating and distributing the Dunedin mosque video the inspired Tarrant to launch his attack in New Zealand.

Further information of the NZ media crew arrested has come to light as have released a press release, below in full. You should be able to click the file for a larger image.

It is extremely concerning to all opposed to the global communist agenda that Kiwi’s can not even openly discuss on mention online that foreigners may have a different viewpoint from the New Zealand Government, as these NZ media crew arrested have revealed.