Netsafe successfully took down

New Zealand’s government sponsored internet monitoring company Netsafe successfully took down, albeit momentarily, while our office was closed over the Easter break. When contacted and asked why Netsafe didn’t first contact this site as their online diagram of a resolution procedure implies they would have, we were told in no uncertain terms that Netsafe… Continue reading Netsafe successfully took down

Auckland jihadi denied bail

Islamic State Watch have previously offered to assist with deradicalising the Auckland jihadi denied bail at today’s hearing. We’d use the same materials that kept us from joining the whanau heading into NZ’s own al Qaeda style outfit over a decade ago. These types are always well known in the local Muslim community, which is… Continue reading Auckland jihadi denied bail

Aussie TikTokker acid attacked

Is Sydney the Islamic State capital of Australia? Have the Pakistani from the UK struck again? An Australian TikTok personality was live-streaming when she was the victim of an alleged acid attack on Friday and says her glasses saved her sight. Jenny Elhassan, 32, was waiting outside Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine restaurant in Sydney… Continue reading Aussie TikTokker acid attacked

Zakir Naik’s foundation is banned from India

The NZ dawah teams will be upset at this! Zakir Naik is popular with NZ Muslims, especially those in Christchurch (Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association / FIANZ groups) trying to recruit or defend their faith from those who know it’s true origins. This is evidenced by the thousands of his posts on their social media time-lines.… Continue reading Zakir Naik’s foundation is banned from India

NZ gives Taliban another $6M

In a move prompted by NZ’s government own in-house advisers, and those like Abbas Nazari, NZ doubles it’s previous donation to Afghanistan’s Islamic State. New Zealand has pledged another $6 million to help get food into Afghanistan amid growing fears of a looming famine in the worn-torn country. “We need to ensure that we do… Continue reading NZ gives Taliban another $6M