NZ Supermarkets remove sharp knives from sale

As Muslims in New Zealand like Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen follow the same Quran as Muslims in London and other centers around the world, so now NZ supermarkets remove sharp knives from sale, as they have done in London and around the world. We were promised by jacinda yesterday that this was a lone wolf attack. However, this move only becomes necessary when there is an unknown number of people who may take the Qurans commands to fight and kill to get into paradise seriously.

“This [Qur?an] is a clear statement to [all] the people and a guidance and instruction for those conscious of God.  So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers. If a wound should touch you ? there has already touched the [opposing] people a wound similar to it. And these days [of varying conditions] We alternate among the people so that God may make evident those who believe and [may] take to Himself from among you martyrs ? and God does not like the wrongdoers. And that God may purify the believers [through trials] and destroy the disbelievers. Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while God has not yet made evident those of you who fight in His cause and made evident those who are steadfast? And you had certainly wished for death [i.e., martyrdom] before you encountered it, and you have [now] seen it [before you] while you were looking on.”

This is why Muslims wanted guns banned in New Zealand, even though no NZ citizen had used a gun against them here in New Zealand. They are playing by their own play book, as they have done around the world.

Countdown has temporarily removed sharp knives and scissors from its shelves and is considering whether they would stop selling them permanently after yesterday’s horrific terror attack.

It comes as three people are fighting for their life after being brutally stabbed during the Isis-inspired terrorist attack at Countdown supermarket in New Lynn yesterday afternoon.

Another person was seriously injured and two others were rushed to hospital in a moderate condition. The 32-year-old attacker is dead.

Countdown’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs Kiri Hannifin said the supermarket chain had temporarily removed all knives and scissors from its shelves and would consider whether they would continue to sell them.

“This is in no way a reflection on our customers, but an act of support for our team.

“We want all of our team to feel safe when they come to work, especially considering the events of yesterday,” Hannifin said.

She said: “Our team is a family and when one of our stores is hurting, we all are.”

“We’re very grateful to our customers who have supported our decision to open a little later, and for all the messages of support we have received last night and today.”

Foodstuffs NZ head of corporate affairs , Antoinette Laird, said a safety review into whether Foodstuffs stores would remove sharp knives from sale was being considered.

Foodstuffs NZ owned the hundreds of New World and Pak’n Save stores across the country.

“Everyone deserves to be able to go to work and visit essential services like the supermarket safely,” Laird said.

“Our thoughts were with the Countdown team and customers injured and affected by the terrible event at Lynn Mall yesterday,” Laird said.

Photos taken by the Herald showed shelves cleared of knives and scissors at Countdown in Henderson.

NZ Herald

Yesterdays joke meme will become tomorrows’s reality.

As it is impossible for Muslims to reform themselves, as NZ Muslims have shown, have offered to run a de-programming course for the government.

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  1. It’s easier to ban guns, knives, scissors, explosives, trucks, cars, planes, etc, than to tell Muslims the honest truth, that Allah is imaginary, Islam is false, Muhammad was a liar, and the Koran is nonsense and lies.

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