Dear Muslims of New Zealand

Thank you. Dear Muslims of New Zealand… Thank you! thank-you thank-you thank-you! We had visitors! After 6 weeks of lockdown we had our first visitors! They were New Zealand Policemen, and we’re so happy that we got to talk about our favourite subject, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters of New Zealand! So I had… Continue reading Dear Muslims of New Zealand

NZ terrorist is given another chance

Who is it? Are they all the same? Do they believe in the same Muhammad? With another New Zealand terrorist being given another chance by the courts, just as Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen‘s victims are still in hospital, can we be sure this government knows who they are dealing with? Islam has never been a… Continue reading NZ terrorist is given another chance

Hello World!

Hello World! We’re back! The Islamic State Watch website again has some temporary accommodation while we’re setting up a new permanent home. Although our twitter and facebook accounts are regularly closed, this is the first time they’ve taken out the website. From the Quran they hand out here in Auckland: 3:28. Let not believers… Continue reading Hello World!

Not every Muslim

Not every Muslim is an extremist, they just all take the same pledge and have the same goals: to follow the prophet’s way of reaching heaven. As long as their good deeds outnumber their bad deeds as measured by sharia standards, they’ll get their 72 virgins, or 72 grapes, depending on what they desire. Any… Continue reading Not every Muslim

No-one trusts Ardern to review LynnMall terrorist attack

No-one trusts Ardern to review the LynnMall terrorist attack with an unbiased agenda, especially after the way her government covered up the Christchurch shooting agenda in 2019 with their Royal Commission report. From the Qurans handed out in Aotea Square: 5:89. God will not impose blame upon you for what is meaningless [249] in your… Continue reading No-one trusts Ardern to review LynnMall terrorist attack