TVNZ have forgotten Maori ISIS contributions

fired for islamaphobia, NZ media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist

In a July interview with Action Zealandia spokesperson, NZ state broadcasters TVNZ appear to have forgotten the Aotearoa Maori Islamic State contributions to shaping the current New Zealand political scene.

The interview has appeared on the Odysee platform released by Actions Zealandia with the following description:  “After our latest flyer drop, a Maori Journalist, Bronson Eruera Perich, from Te Karere has requested an interview with AZ. AZ member Zane acts as the spokesman for AZ to explain our ideas to the public, the possibility of cooperation with Maori in the struggle for workers and more.”

The interview does not yet appear on the TVNZ website.

During the interview Perich attempts of portray Maori as only ever pacifist, and hints that the Urewera military style training camps, which included foreign leaders who are still involved in leading current protest movements supporting Islamic terrorism here in New Zealand, were not at all terrorism motivated.

In 1990 the national Muslim organisation, the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, organised a First Official Meeting of Muslims and Maori at a Wellington marae. This was initiated by Dr Hajji Sandhu, then president of the federation, who went on to pioneer Muslim-Christian interfaith dialogue. Since then many Maori converts to Islam have been chosen for Islamic training courses in Malaysia or for free haj, or pilgrimage, trips to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Maori Muslims have always maintained that the Treaty of Waitangi is compatible with Islamic philosophy. The Muslim Association of Canterbury organised an Aotearoa Maori Muslim Day in February 2003, partly at a mosque in Riccarton and partly at the Aranui marae. Several Maori converts form the North Island were flown down, including prominent members of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, which was set up in Hamilton in 2001.

Over the decades Maori have almost universally defended the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association since it arose from the efforts of sheik Isaac, Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga. At the instigation of FIANZ, who financed his travel and recruitment activities, Isaac ran a recruitment scheme in prisons and travelled the nation in the early 2000’s becoming, with the then head of FIANZ, became one of the worlds top 500 most influential Muslims.

By 2014 when Maori Muslims openly declared their loyalty to Islamic State, there were over a dozen proud ISIS supporters in the Canterbury mosques.

FIANZ were unapologetic when young Kiwi recruited jihadi were killed in Yemen, and have denied they had any part in bringing the fight to New Zealand on March 15th 2019 with the behaviour of their own members here in New Zealand.

Dunedin mosque video that sparked Tarrant still available.

The tragic irony is that it was New Zealand Muslims, working with the trade unions, that caused one of the greatest upheavals within Maori society in the 20th century with the closure of small town rural freezing works during the 1970’s and 1980’s to enforce their own style of Halal killing here in NZ. Generations of Maori lost their income at the same time, forcing the young to move into the cities to find work, while foreign Muslims were flown in to take their jobs.

Thankfully, education is all that is needed to stop this ideology from spreading.