Will NZ ban Islam?

Considering both the speed at which Jacinda Ardern is pushing through “hate speech” laws at the demand of Kiwi muslims, and the growing number of the same who are taking offense at their own prophets behaviour, will NZ ban Islam itself? If Ardern gets her way, in light of how quickly she pushed through the new gun confiscation laws at Islamic request, we could be only weeks away from implementing these new laws.

New Zealands new hate speech laws are designed to ban anything offensive to religious minorities, eg: NZ muslims. Some in the community suggest that New Zealand, with a media paid for by the government, and an Islamic community backed by millions of dollars worth of OIC money, is undoubtedly being used by the UN as a test for an international government.

However, Kiwi muslims, although amongst the most educated in the world, are only just now starting to read their own founding documents, which are often more offensive in Arabic than the toned down English translations available here: Quran – Pickthall, Sahih Al-Bukhari, SIRAT RASOL ALLAH Ibn Ishaq. Worldwide, muslims are starting to see that they have been lied to by their leaders about who they are supposedly following. Currently, the most offensive thing to muslims is the behaviour of their own prophet.

It turns out that NZ muslims are deeply offended by their own religious heritage. They’re offended by the behaviour of their prophet towards women, toward other minorities, towards children, towards animals, and they’re offended about anyone actually reading the documents above that they claim to live by. So will NZ ban Islam?

According to the standard narrative delivered today, the Quran was delivered to the perfect example of a man via an angel sent from God. Today Muslims will tell you there is only one Quran. This man’s words were to be obeyed by all people of all future times, and those who refused to submit after being given the chose faced either a tax if they were Jew or Christian, or the sword if they were pagan. Given the option available by the god (al-lat, translated today to Allah), muslims chose to submit without asking further questions. Today those that do ask more questions either accept the sources and are promoted within the community, or are horrified and leave. In many Islamic countries today they are killed.

Because many in NZ still follow Muhammad, we have sharia style tax on our foods, child marriage, honour killing, prostitution, rape gangs and everything else permissible by Quran, Sunnah and Sirah, and our financing and promotion and recruitment of global terrorism dates back to when FIANZ was first formed.

However it was not always like this. According to their own documents above, Ibn Abi Kabsha (Christians back then refused to call anyone ‘Muhammad’ which translated into ‘the Blessed one’, a title of Jesus), was formally a Christian, married to a Christian wife, with a Christian uncle who died part way through translating the Gospels into the Saracen language.  As the Islamic sources above testify, even from the time they were written, the facts have been questioned, doubted and even discarded by many. Scholars of earlier centuries oft discussed which ones of the many different Arabic versions of those writing was the valid one, if any at all. The scripts used in the earliest available manuscripts today are not the same as in Mecca or Yathrib in the early 7th century. Thousands of pages of original manuscripts were either burned or dumped or even some eaten by Aisha’s tame goat.

What we are left with was so highly offensive to Christians and Jews at the time, they would often rather die than submit to its authority.

Today’s followers of the Saracen religion take no offense to the borrowed parts of their traditions, however, they take great offense to the behaviour of their leader, especially when his writings can be so easily compared side by side to those of the Christians or Jews from which much was borrowed.

So will NZ ban Islam? The only way for modern Saracens to retain any dignity at all is to ban all discussion about the behaviour of their leader, as revealed in their own documents (above). It is these documents that govern the behaviour of Muslims here, as we can see from their testimonies in our courts. So is it the intention of this new hate speech law, for all effective purposes, to ban Islam, leaving only a hollow sexualised form of Christianity with their leader replacing Chirst as the role model to follow? At the very least this law would mean those wishing to question their servitude would remain trapped within it. Most Kiwi muslims didn’t want to follow the prophet, which is why they left their countries to come here, but now they are trapped. Essentially by, not so much a religion of peace, because their leader always broke his peace agreements, but a religion of penis.