terrorist receives temporary restrictions

New Zealand is voted the most Islamic country in the world because we incarcerate those who speak out against Islam, while an actual returning terrorist receives temporary restrictions that are mildly inconvenient to normal daily life. The same Islamic countries that enable and sponsor Islamic State also openly sponsor mosques here in NZ. It should… Continue reading terrorist receives temporary restrictions

Immigrant guilty of “being Muslim”

Jihad, that struggle Muslims have to obey to follow the perfect example for mankind. It’s normal for immigrants to want to follow their home religion. On top of this, Maori Muslims, backed by a federation of Islamic associations here in NZ, have a long history of recruiting and sending jihadi overseas to train and to… Continue reading Immigrant guilty of “being Muslim”

NZ welcomes another Isis Terrorist

NZ welcomes another Isis Terrorist after proving that it cannot stop the promotion, recruitment or financing of terrorism here in this country. FIANZ, and especially the Christchurch mosque, have a long history of promoting Islamic terrorism from New Zealand. There have been zero prosecutions against those heading the promotion ISIS here in New Zealand because… Continue reading NZ welcomes another Isis Terrorist