Islamic propaganda targets children

“Islamic propaganda targets children” trigger warning: the historical evidence for the current Islamic truth is below.

In a desperate bid to recruit more western families and solo mothers, government sponsored media are promoting openly Islamic propaganda that directly targets children, while very little is being done to prevent child abuse in this country!

While local muslims will claim their prophet is very nice towards children, (for example: granting younger girls the same divorce rights as older women in the Quran 65:4), and the Prophet even allowed his own 9 year old child bride to play with dolls, this does nothing to stop the honour violence or child marriages happening here in New Zealand.

There are many reasons why Islam should not be taught in schools, but the primary one is that Muslims will not allow the truth about today’s modern Islam to be taught. A new film soon to be released, Pledge to the Death, shows the lengths today’s Muslims go to to indoctrinate children. The local Kiwi muslim converts who inspired the creation of this website likewise have pledged to die for Islam, and been told if they ever left they would be killed. The material in Pledge to the Death is in line with Kiwi Islamic parenting practices.

For those wishing to claim Islam is a religion of peace, over 60% of the Koran record the struggle against the kafir (non-Muslims), over 80% of Mohammads biography, and 35% of hadith speak of his attempts to subdue non-believers. Islam is the religion of the sword, not of peace, despite what the Islamic propaganda that targets children would like you to believe.

You can examine Islam for yourself here with the Quran, the most accepted hadith and the Life of the Prophet:

Quran – Pickthall

Sahih Al-Bukhari


Some other texts, both popularly available today overseas:

This from Heavenly Ornaments, one of the more popular sharia manuals from Pakistan, when it comes to ritual washings:

and similarly, when it comes to money and marriage, repeated and expanded on from Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran: (note HE IS NOT SUBJECTED TO PUNISHMENT!)

Thankfully for NZ children, some of this material is OUT OF STOCK at the Mt Roskill mosque store at the moment.