NZSIS targeted Islams WHITE critics

Ardern’s government is proud at how quickly the NZSIS targeted Islams white critics. It was a quick response because every white person who ever spoke out against the Islamic terrorists being recruited and financed, child marriages or Islamic rape-gangs in this country was automatically targeted for silencing. Many Asians, Indians, Africans, Europeans and Pacific Islanders… Continue reading NZSIS targeted Islams WHITE critics

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NZ must acknowledge Armenian genocide

NZ must acknowledge the Armenian genocide. Saturday marks Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and pressure is mounting on the New Zealand Government to formally acknowledge the mass killings which began in 1915. No New Zealand Government has ever officially recognised the genocide, over fears Turkey, which committed the atrocities, will ban Kiwis from visiting the Gallipoli… Continue reading NZ must acknowledge Armenian genocide

Ramadan Public Service Announcement

This Ramadan Public Service Announcement, particular helpful for unconscious women, comes compliments of your friendly local Islamic sharia compliant bookstore. This Sunni teaching from Molana Asharaf Ali Thanwi, from his Sharia Law reference Bahishti Zewar (download) sold here in New Zealand, and popular amongst Pakistani and Indian Muslims. The book is comprehensive handbook of guidance… Continue reading Ramadan Public Service Announcement

Media seeks to silence jihads critics

Once again NZ media seeks to silence jihads critics in defense of those who finance and promote terrorism from the ever increasing security of their base here in New Zealand. Jihad is the struggle to advance the Islamic caliphate via thoughts (prayers), words, or deeds, in accordance with their prophets wishes. NZ media will ignore… Continue reading Media seeks to silence jihads critics

West Papuan churches seek UN to intervene

West Papuan churches seek UN to intervene against New Zealand’s largest halal trading partner’s jihad (struggle) to take over their country. While it’s highly unusual for anything sympathetic to Christians to appear in NZ media, Indonesia, as one of China’s closest enemies, will now be a target of our long time communist brought media due… Continue reading West Papuan churches seek UN to intervene

Islamic propaganda targets children

“Islamic propaganda targets children” trigger warning: the historical evidence for the current Islamic truth is below. In a desperate bid to recruit more western families and solo mothers, government sponsored media are promoting openly Islamic propaganda that directly targets children, while very little is being done to prevent child abuse in this country! While local… Continue reading Islamic propaganda targets children

Refugees live-streamed honour beating

The NZ government and education system cannot continue to proclaim all cultures/religions are equally valid while people live here in NZ. One could guarantee that this is not the first time that Refugees have live-streamed an honour beating such as like this here in New Zealand. “The defendants had each been raised in a loving,… Continue reading Refugees live-streamed honour beating