Feminist media promote jihad

Here in New Zealand, the feminist media promote Jihad on a daily basis in one format or another. Jihad just means to struggle. The struggle is real. Christians have a similar struggle; do they obey the gospels and love their enemies? Muslims, do you obey the Quran and not be friends with Christians and Jews, even kill them in obedience to Muhammed? Or do you try and become a nicer person? The Quran commands all to go forth, weather your burden is light or heavy, and fight for the cause of Allah. Conveniently, feminism can re-image jihad to be any sort of struggle, either in your imaginary thought life, or in your words, or your actions, but as long as you follow the Koran and promote the prophet, somehow, it all counts for the advancement of the global Islamic State.

Promoting the prophet and his book as being the words of allah counts towards the goals. No jihadi would actually obey the Quran if it wasn’t promoted as real.

As the prophet says, “war is deceit”, and what better way for women to be involved than to advance the Islamic State than by deceit. This woman is correct; one cannot judge Islam on the behaviour of the few ‘radicals’. Islam should be judged on the authorities, the holy books. Just as Christianity is judged on the Gospels and the life of Jesus, Islam should be judged on the Quran, sira and hadiths. Once you do study the life of the prophet, there is no escaping Islam is the religion of the sword, and not of pacifism.

And Islam has always been violent, with the majority of the Quran calling for violent jihad against unbelievers.

It is these feminist pacifists, who insist that the Quran is the word of allah and should be followed, that lay the foundation and raise the financial support for recruiting the jihadi who will physically jihad on behalf of the umma. This has been the pattern followed here in New Zealand, just as it has been overseas for centuries.

Young kiwi’s would not be being recruited for slaughter if it were not for New Zealand’s feminist based media jihading on behalf of Kiwi Muslims. But at least they were honoured when Al-Qaeda released a tribute video of the Christchurch mosque recruits killed in the Yemeni drone strikes.

And when the women leave the room, the real preaching begins! See: Gamal Fouda: Rights of Husband ?? ?????

The good news is that education easily defeats Islamic ideology, and there has never been a time in history when more Muslims are becoming literate, reading the Quran and source literature for the first time themselves, and leaving Islam. Islamic scholars, and western feminist media promoting Jihad are unable to plug the holes in the standard narrative.

Quran – Pickthall

Sahih Al-Bukhari





  1. “And when the women leave the room, the real preaching begins!”

    As far as I know, all such “preaching” is relayed to the women’s prayer room via a public-address system. However, many women don’t attend Friday prayers, as they are not obliged to do so.

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