NZ’s woke media promote Tarrents al-Huda trigger

Annually, NZ’s woke media promote Tarrents al-Huda trigger message, and this year was no different, according to This is not racist, just news, fact, journalism.

In 2019, the Dunedin mosque clicked onto the message, and ran a video of their own, with their own Islamic spin on the narrative. This is not racist, just their religious right to promote themselves. According to NZ’s media outlets after the shooting, the manifesto began with a section on ‘birthrates’, before linking the video from Tarrants home-town mosque.  It was because of this the New Zealand media claimed that the shooting was racially motivated, and anyone who speaks out against the global Islamic agenda that Dunedin’s al-Huda mosque promote is racist.

The al-Huda Mosque Video

However, Islam is not a race, and Tarrant’s attack was totally unnecessary to stop Islam spreading further into the West. Education easily defeats Islamic ideology, and there has never been a time in history when more Muslims are becoming literate, reading the Quran and source literature for the first time themselves, and leaving Islam. Islamic scholars are unable to plug the holes in the standard narrative.

The 2021 fare from New Zealand’s woke media was no different than previous years. Once again, NZ’s woke media promote Tarrents al-Huda trigger message, the same that allegedly sparked the Christchurch mosque shooting. And the same media claim to have all of the answers…