Roadshow normalises terrorist ideology

Once again NZ government funded one-man jihad publicity department Anjum Rahman’s roadshow normalises terrorist ideology for small town New Zealand.

In October 2019, Anjum Rahman, as acting head of the Islamic Women’s Council, verified that she does not understand the difference between the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association‘s wannabe Islamic State jihadi trying to leave NZ to kill as the Quran commands, and those of us speaking out against importing and sponsoring more of the violent, rape, child abusive culture that she is trying to promote.

“We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition.

“We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

The lovely claims Anjum makes about Islam during this roadshow share little reality with daily Islamic life , either in NZ or around the world. Once Kiwi Muslims bring you into their fold, depending on your value to them, you’re introduced to a new reality.

The reality is much different!

The Quran adds no values to Western Society that the Christians did not already have, apart from the order to wait 3 months before releasing your pre-pubescent wife just in case she has come of age and is pregnant. That’s not in Christianity!  For those doubting, our government sponsored New Muslim Projects will make sure you have the best Saudi petro-dollar translations available to Muslims here in New Zealand, not given out just to anyone.

If you look in your ordinary Quran translated for the western world, the verse is somewhat different. A few have the wording “not yet menstruated” which more accurately reflects the Arabic than a Western world Quran. Those who dare read the Life of Muhammad (SIRAT RASOL ALLAH Ibn Ishaq) or venture into the Sunnah will discover that Rahmans perfect man is somewhat not as she portrays him publicly.

Being able to marry a few really compliant wives is a huge carrot that NZ based Islamics dangle in front of young men they try and lure them overseas, either to study or to jihad, as was revealed publicly in NZ media through the many stories on Mark John Taylor. No doubt the same for others who have done the New Muslim Project’s courses, yet failed to be able to get out of New Zealand due to their passports being taken, or their prison fines not being paid. To Ranjums mind, we are all Islams enemy and should be more tolerant.

Meanwhile, religious based charities here in New Zealand still claim government funding to help Kiwi child brides.

Either Kiwi Islamics like Rahman are trying to be purposely deceitful (Taqiyya) or they just don’t understand, they’re not “just like” us. Muslims are taught that Islam is a religion just like Christianity, but it’s not in any way. Their scriptures are not the same, their prophet is not the same, their Isa, the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew Esau, is even not in any way like Jesus.

The many ironies

It’s ironic that many Kiwi men claim muslim women who convert from Islam to Christianity are really good wives because they already know the concept of holiness, yet they no longer live under the curse of Quran 4.34 (Gamal Fouder calls it “Rights of husband“), or have to FGM their daughters,. Christian women who have converted from Islam also appreciate that Jesus and the Gospels are a much better role model then Muhammad and the Quran for their future kids to grow up with.

Ranjum’s October 2019 quote reveals that this was just another media promotion while yet another govt sponsored Islamic roadshow normalises terrorist ideology. These constant publicly funded road shows should at least be balanced with free discussion of the reality of the damage that Islam is still currently inflicting on people, both here in New Zealand the world.

Perhaps another irony is that this site was started after Rahman’s good friends encouraged us to check out Islam for ourselves so we would see it was all true! Was this is also what Tarrant was asked to do? Judging by his travel schedule, he has checked Islam out pretty thoroughly.

To be clear, Tarrant’s attack was totally unnecessary to stop Islam spreading further into the West. Education easily defeats Islamic ideology, and there has never been a time in history when more Muslims are becoming literate, reading the Quran and source literature for the first time themselves, and leaving Islam. Islamic scholars are unable to plug the holes in the standard narrative.

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