Dr David Wood, Acts17Apologetics, demonitised by you-tube.

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Just days after Islamic State Watch was suspended from Twitter, one of the worlds largest Christian polemics channels was demonitised today by you-tube. The big-tech silencing of opposition to a global Islamic State that was started by NZ Muslims using Jacinda Ardern with her Christchurch Call has now claimed its biggest target. With over half a million subscribers, Acts17Apologetics started 11 years ago by David Wood with Nabeel Qureshi on the Miraculous Quran: Embryology and Semen.

World Islamic leaders know they have no other way of retaining their followers in the face of such comprehensive research into the origins of early Islam that reveal the last 100 years of pseudo-Islamic propaganda by the ruling authorities to be simply that.

Education has brought an end to the Islamic religion, and even some of their own scholars are now being forced to admit there are holes in the narrative of the perfect preservation of the Quran.

While paying subscribers received an email to say their payments to Acts17 were on hold, Dr Wood confirmed that his channel had it’s income halted in a comment during chat on an Apostate Prophet live stream.

DW isn’t the first, but definitely the largest Christian ministry to be hit thus far.

In the last 11 years, hundreds of people have claimed to have left Islam by watching Acts17Apologetics videos, many of which are now working on translating videos into their own native languages.

This is only the beginning of the academic shutdown launched from NZ by Jacinda Ardern in response to the Christchurch Call.





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  1. It’s OK to criticise Christianity or atheism.
    But it’s HATE SPEECH to criticise Islam.
    Religion is a choice.
    It should NEVER be a protected characteristic, like skin colour, race, sex/gender, etc.

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