NZ PM & FIANZ ignore Tarrants’ Message for another year.

New Zealand Muslims, when they’re conducting their dawah, always ask you to check out Islam for yourself; check the Quran out for yourself they say, so you’ll see what’s inside the Quran is actually true.

This, the NZ media tell us, is what Brenton Tarrant did in the years before the Christchurch mosque attack.

Apparently, if we are to believe the material from overseas sources that’s no longer available to New Zealanders, Tarrant was clear in his manifesto, emailed to government before the attack, as to why he was carrying out the attacks. Tarrant had completed the task that Muslims request, and expect, of potential new recruits.

And our Prime Minister has assured us that she has taken steps to ensure that no further attacks happen.

Yet another year has gone by, and according to The Religion of Peace, over 10,000 people have died due to faithful Muslims following their prophets desires to kill all who oppose his instructions. Western Muslims note the Quran also allows jihad to be non-violent, so jihad in word and thought are suitable sacrifices. As long as you pray daily that Muhammads instructions be followed, you’re a faithful Muslim by New Zealand standards.

The New Zealand PM has done nothing. Instead, the PM and media are trying to divide the country, when there has never been a time when it’s clearer that those Kiwi’s the media term “far right”, are in 100% agreement with current mainstream Islamic academic scholarship.

It’s never been clearer that the standard narrative of the divine preservation of the Quran “has holes in it”. In previous centuries it was always disputed what was originally written by who, and why, back in the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries. Yet in this last century, as Islamic leaders have wanted to retain their control on their people which equates to their own personal wealth, a new story of divine preservation has come into being. Incidentally, nowhere in the Quran itself does it claim to be thus.

All Western imams and scholars are aware of this, yet still try and retain their personal incomes and communal prestige while backing the narrative that sees over 10k people a year lose their lives to jihadi in 2020 alone, following the instructions in the Quran.

Meanwhile, local Kiwi muslims continue to encourage people to check out Islam and see the Quran is true, because it’s the divine word of their prophet.

Jacinda has changed nothing. Nowhere is safer for anyone, lest of all for non-believers of Islam, or those who speak out against the terror.

Below is a partial screenshot of the details of deaths of 10k in 2020 attacks, available on TROP, linked above.

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