Poll: who should pay Halal fees? Islamics or everyone?

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Currently, even non-Islamic businesses are charged fees for Islamic customers who are 1.5% of the population. They have to pay these fees regardless of if any islamics shop their or buy their product. Many stores report being threatened and bullied to pay these fees which are then passed onto all consumers (Islamic customers are not charged this levy separately). This amounts to millions each year alone which promotes the different types of jihad in this country.

As there is only one tax that the koran commands for non-Islamics to pay, the jizya, since we are not under Islamic law, then Muslims should pay their own religious fees.

We suggest a better way would be for the mosques to be charged this Islamic religious fee, on a per user basis, instead of local businesses who have to pass it on to all consumers.  This is essentially a user pays idea, instead of the 99% paying for the 1% (or in Islamic language, instead of the kaffir paying the jizya).

Do you agree?

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If you’ve voted ‘no’, please explain why not in the comments.