#FakeNewsroom attempts to discredit anti-sharia party in NZ General Election

Here’s a snippet from the newsroom story published online today.

Now obviously Baker has not been following any local news for the last 20 years of Sharia here in New Zealand, but he can be forgiven of that. On the other hand, newsroom should be ashamed of themselves for their blatant covering of the truth.

You can a copy of the original Swedish Police report that this #FakeNewsroom story denies exists here: Swedish Police No-go Zones

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Evidence against this #Fakenewsroom claim from a 60 Minutes live report here:

We live in a 1984 style environment where the NZ media, paid $50M by our Government, rewrite history to suit the globalist narrative. Only one party in this year’s general Election is standing up against it, which is why #FakeNewsroom is out in force.
The context of the above #FakeNewsroom quote is: