Police investigating unexplained death in central Auckland, witnesses say woman fell from apartment block

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Loud noises were heard before and after a woman fell to her death from the balcony of an Auckland apartment block, witnesses say.

Emergency services were called to Gore St in the city’s CBD at 3.40am today after the death was reported.

Police are investigating and say they are treating it as “unexplained”.

Cordons were in place for a time this morning while officers carried out a scene examination.

The cordon was gone when the Herald visited the scene just before 9am, where a ladder remained leaning on the awning outside the Auckland Harbour Suites complex.

One resident of the apartment block, who the Herald agreed not to name, said he could hear loud noises coming from one of the rooms before there was a loud bang, followed by screams.

Another resident told the Herald it was “chaos” on the street outside shortly after.

“There were police cars everywhere, the street was full.”

Police investigating unexplained death in central Auckland, witnesses say woman fell from apartment block

Student Brad Morrow lives on the first floor of the Auckland Harbour Suites and said he also saw the immediate aftermath unfold.

He said he believed the woman fell from an apartment on the 9th floor of the complex which was hosting a party that evening.

Morrow and his partner had a clear view of where the young woman lay, surrounded by blood.

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Emergency services rushed to the scene and clambered onto the awning to her, he said.

Paramedics spent a while trying to treat her but it was to no avail, he said.

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A ladder lies on the awning the morning after the woman fell to her death at the Auckland Habour Suites complex early on Sunday.

Her body lay under a blanket until about 7.30am when it was removed and a police cordon was lifted.

Morrow said around that time, a group of distraught young people were gathered at the apartment’s entrance.

He heard one woman there yell at another man that “you had no right to take my sister’s life”, he said.

Auckland apartment death: Woman fell from balcony, police say not suspicious


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