Corrections allows Tarrant to watch TV in cell over fears he could sue

The Christchurch terrorist gets to watch two hours of television a day in his prison cell.

Newshub can reveal that Brenton Tarrant is allowed to watch HGTV – the ‘Home and Garden’ channel.

The terrorist has been watching TV for some time, but it has never been made public until now.

Corrections confirmed on Sunday night that Tarrant is only allowed HGTV, which shows mainly American reality-style home and garden makeover shows.

It appears that Corrections is worried about getting sued for damages if it does not allow Tarrant his TV time.

In a statement, Corrections said: “[Corrections must] manage this prisoner’s sentence in accordance with the provisions set out in the Corrections Act 2004 and our international obligations for the treatment of prisoners.

“Failure to do so may result in legal proceedings against the department, which could potentially require compensation to be paid to a prisoner.”

Photo credit: Newshub

It is unknown whether Tarrant chose HGTV or Corrections made that the only option.

Home and Garden Television hosts shows like Backyard Takeover and Fixer Upper and its slogan is ‘Home Starts Here’.

Tarrant has specific rights under the law, such as being able to have some visitors – but it is unclear which part of the law allows the TV.

Corrections said it had to balance “upholding the law and the unprecedented risk he presents”.

“He will continue to be managed under the most stringent custodial regime we have ever developed.”

Corrections allows Christchurch terrorist to watch TV in cell over fears he could sue

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