NZ govt & media continue the unashamed promotion of Islamic State

As this screenshot below of a recent NZ media post shows, the NZ Govt sponsored foreign academics continue to uncritically promote Islamic Jihadi in this country. You can guarantee that there will be nothing in this study that reveals the Halal sponsored FIANZ funding of Al-Qaeda group that sent kiwi fighters over to fight for Islamic state in Syria. They’re not going to mention the millions of dollars that terrorist producing nations like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are pumping into this country. And they’re definitely not going to mention the recruiting at the Christchurch mosque by Islamic State representatives that saw two Canterbury mosque converts killed by US drones in Yemen!

What this “academic” also spectacularly fails to report is that while Islam isn’t the fastest growing religion in NZ (the Asian religions outstripped it easily in the last census) Islam is also the fastest shrinking religion in the traditionally Islamic Middle Eastern countries that have relied on imported workers who are evangelising the locals at a faster rate than Islam is growing in Western nations.