Voice of Islam NZ discusses women, without women!

Islam in NZ is not any different than Islam anywhere else!  While Islamic apologists are working overtime to make Islam here more acceptable to a western market, they still are somehow failing spectacularly amongst their target audience!
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It was also important that Wasim acknowledge in his opening statement Jesus has been alive in heaven for the last 2000 years!
As Jamshed says: God only knows! Which is why allah told muslims in the koran to ask the Christians if there is something about Jesus or in the koran that they don’t understand 10.94, and don’t argue with them 29.46.

As one women commented during the live stream: I think if you are going to discuss women and Islam you should at least have one woman on your panel. Men and woman do not think alike, whether Muslim or otherwise, so how do you expect to get a rounded point of view. Very disappointing to see sniggers 41.18, when one of you guys mentioned not excluding women here. How very kind? Or condescending? Being a woman and believing in fairness does not make them a feminist. No, society has not brainwashed me, I have a mind and can think for myself. I was hoping to find some answers here yes, but just also to enjoy discussion regardless of who was speaking. After this fiasco I will no longer be watching your casts.

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