1. Interesting. On one level, it is nonsense; on another, it isn’t. Eventually, all these people will be infected. Some, especially the old, will die, but a majority will survive. And before long, there will be true herd immunity – something that we, who have opted for social distancing, will not have.

    Even if we get a vaccine, and either persuade or compel everyone to take it, we will not have true herd immunity. Our “immunity” will always be artificial, and therefore tenuous. In addition, we will have to contend with the side-effects of the vaccine – as yet unknown.

    When the virus mutates and returns, as it surely will, those in Pakistan will have stronger immune systems, and will withstand it better, while we will have to scramble to develop a new vaccine. Furthermore, we could end up having to develop an anticipatory vaccine every year, as we do in the case of influenza.

    Readers should go to UK Column News, recent episodes of which have compared the mortality statistics of lockdown countries, such as Italy and Spain, with those of non-lockdown countries, such as Iceland and Sweden. The latter are actually faring better.

    But we should also see COVID-19 for what it really is, which is part of a “package” that comprises virus, vaccine, nanochip implant, digital identity or ID2020, 5G, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, rural depopulation, “smart” cities, mass unemployment, universal basic income, cashless society, and so on. This is what the elite in general, and Bill Gates in particular, have planned for us, and what they will roll out (or attempt to roll out) during the next few years.

    The nanochip implant – the “Mark of the Beast” referred to in Revelation – may not come immediately. (At present, they are talking about an “immunity passport”, which sounds relatively innocuous.) But it is definitely in the pipeline, as they want to be able to easily weed out – by means of scanners – all those who are not compliant with the New World Order. If you don’t have the chip, you won’t be able to fly and you will be barred from public facilities. You may even be unable to operate a bank account.

    In short, all the ballyhoo over the virus is actually a cover for a wholesale restructuring of society, in preparation for the advent of the transhumanist future.

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