Facebook welcomes @iswnz

www.islamicstatewatch.com is New Zealand’s #1 anti-terrorism watchdog detailing the links between media and reality. If you don’t hate terrorism, you’re part of the problem!

The new facebook page can be found at: www.fb.me/iswnz.

www.fb.me/iswnz replaces www.fb.com/IslamicStateWatchNZ. That fb page came into being after the original page  www.fb.com/IslamicStateWatch was taken down by police after posts by local kiwi ISIS supporters assuming that it was a pro-Islamic State site. We still do not know what has led to the latest fb page being removed.

Islamic State Watch is also on twitter: twitter.com/isw_nz.

ISW advocated that the answer to terrorism isn’t fighting, but education.

The original fb page began early in 2015 as a collection of news stories from the NZ media revealing the militant foundations of Islam in New Zealand.

Ironically, it was the leader of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association that inspired Islamic State Watch during a bbq in a back yard of an Avondale based moslem boarding house cum halal tour agency over a decade ago. “Check out everything in the koran, you’ll see it’s all true!” he said.

He later announced himself as the leader of Islamic State in New Zealand.

After hanging out with some of the group for a couple of years, seeing how they lived their lives, and a degree majoring in religious history, which included lectures from some of Australasia’s most noted scholars, it turns out that the koran is correct on a lot of things.

Islam has a psychotic and bloody history. Islam in NZ is no better than anywhere else in the world. Kiwi’s raise millions each year for the promotion of jihad. The Kiwi news media are quickly trying to delete their own stories as they realise that those they interview are not the saints they are trying to portray them as. Which is why this site tries to capture moslems in their own words before the media bleaches their own stories.

There is no need to fight Islamics with physical violence. Islam is only an ideology. And it’s an ideology which cannot stand up to any sort of scrutiny.  We still have the writings from those lands the early Saracens invaded. We still have the poetry and writings that much of the koran was based on before being translated into the language of the bloodthirsty conquers.

No scholars believe the stories the Saudi’s tell about Mecca being a major trade route, and no-one, not even moslems believe the stories of Mohammed flying on a donkey into heaven and being told to pray five times a day. Yet they all claim these things are part of their heritage, and they claim that the god (al-lah), who is ever forgiving and merciful, will deny them heaven if they fail to pray five times a day or eat halal food or jihad as the koran admonishes them to.

Jihad of course, is that inner struggle they all have as to if they should take it literally or not. Was Mohammed a figurative prophet? Moslems today don’t know.

Moslems don’t even believe their own stories. Why are we expected to?

Islamicstatewatch.com has a sister fb site Christianity666 which is trying to trace the paedo priests in NZ, although unlike moslems, most Christians are not trying to close that page down down to cover up their crimes against humanity.

Stay tuned as we are forced to expand further into cyberspace!

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  1. “We still do not know what has led to the latest fb page being removed.”

    Sometimes – perhaps in most cases, these days – removal is by algorithm. Even academic sites, without any ideological ax to grind, have been taken down, simply because they have used certain words.

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