Paul Spoonley wants to keep himself employed

Totally ignoring 1400 years of history, Islamic apologist Spoonley refuses to acknowledge what’s happening even in NZ, left alone around the world. He’s paid by the govt, so has to earn his keep. This from ZB:

A sociologist says the threat of far-right extremism hasn’t gone away. It’s almost a year since the Christchurch terror attacks, in which 51 people lost their lives at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques.

Massey University professor, Paul Spoonley, told Andrew Dickens between 150 and 300 core right wing activists remain in New Zealand – which puts us in line with Germany per capita.

‘Let’s keep it in perspective, the numbers are actually quite small in New Zealand.

But as long as there’s one of them, we should be concerned, because as you saw on the 15 of March last year, it only takes one person.

“Sunday’s memorial service is going ahead – but has been moved to Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena because rain is forecast.

–These comments from fb sum up his perspective biases:

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  1. This is further evidence that the humanities – as taught by the universities – are a total waste of time. Massey University, in particular, has shown that it is the enemy of freedom of speech, and thus of the unfettered intellectual inquiry that makes true progress possible.

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