Distribution of donated money cause of FIANZ rift, says Dr Mustafa Farouk

The deposed president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand says he believes it is the manner of distributions of donated money which has caused a rift in the organisation.

Dr Mustafa Farouk told Radio Tarana in an interview that differences in how Victim Support and Christchurch Foundation had given out money to those affected were to blame for the dispute among members of FIANZ.

Farouk was deposed in a February coup at FIANZ by Fiji-born Aucklander Mohammed Farouk Khan, 68, who has headed the South Auckland Muslim Association for many years. The sitting secretary was also deposed.

“There are lot of people who were witness to the event and the last time Victim Support distributed the money, these people were also given money,” Farouk told Tarana.

“But when Christchurch Foundation did their last distribution, they only distributed to those who were wounded, and at that time needed more help.

“So these people who are now going to miss out when Christchurch Foundation distributes the money are not happy,” Farouk said.

A $2.1 million donation from Qatar is at the centre of the rift at FIANZ as it approaches the March 15 anniversary of the mosque shootings.

Farouk maintains Khan’s election is illegal and the parties have asked the High Court in Auckland to intervene. A hearing date in April has been set.

Meanwhile, Farouk said memorial services to mark shootings, which left 51 people dead, are set to go ahead in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

Distribution of donated money cause of FIANZ rift, says Dr Mustafa Farouk