COVID-19: Alcohol products still haram for Halal certification.


Although Islamic countries are the worlds biggest cocaine exporters, alcohol and associated derivative products are still forbidden. This includes hand sanitisers, gels, mouthwashes and even some medicines which use alcohol’s germ killing properties. Camel urine, on the other hand, has excellent healing properties according to the prophet, and should be drunken liberally. Most Western hospitals and medical centres use alcohol based sanitisers. Alcohol was even credited with curing some sicknesses when it first arrived in this country.

While this isn’t usually such a big deal, in times of virus or plague outbreaks, hand sanitisers and mouthwashes are pretty important things, especially when you’re in the food or taxi type industries. And it does not matter if the premises allows staff to use hand sanitiser, staff will still not use it if they think they are destined to hell for using it!

Food prepared in factories overseas that have the halal symbol on it are more likely to have not used alcohol based products. It is not surprising the first person to introduce the plague to NZ came from Iran, one of NZ’s biggest trading partners.

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