Christchurch attack: Muslim leader calls for proper compensation of victims

Does this mean Muslims will compensate those they have terrorised around the world?
Will the Canterbury Muslim Association compensate the families of their drone strike recruits?

A Christchurch Muslim leader says the government needs to properly compensate those who have been unable to return to their old jobs following the mosque attacks.

About 48 were injured in the massacre, many of them self-employed taxi or truck drivers.

The secretary of the Muslim Association of Canterbury, Feroz Ditta, sustained serious leg injuries at Al Noor Mosque, which had prevented him from returning to work as a truck driver.

He said ACC did not cover his costs.

“I get 80 percent of my cover, being self employed, there’s nobody else I can turn to for my 20 percent. Not having a medical clearance to drive trucks, I’ll have to retrain, and I’m in my early 50s.”

People should not be penalised when all they were doing was trying to worship at their mosque, he said.

ACC began supporting physically injured survivors of the mosque attacks with up to 80 percent of lost wages, while it turned down claims from those mentally injured as a result of the attacks.

Ditta had written to ACC Minister, Iain Lees-Galloway, but had not yet had a response.

RNZ has also approached the minister for a response.

Christchurch terror attack: Muslim leader calls for proper compensation of victims