Kanoa Lloyd blames Chch mosque incident on Tamakis, not a natural response to global Islamic terrorism.

In one foul swoop Lloyd ignores the lessons of science and history. Islamic conquest always meets resistance, and as there is no scientific way for men to become women, mental illness is always a leading cause of suicide.

The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd (left) has slammed Hannah Tamaki following rumours she’s joining the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) celebrity line-up.

Rumours began swirling on Sunday that the Destiny Church pastor was set to be involved with the show, but it is yet to be confirmed by MediaWorks or Tamaki.

Lloyd says that although she loves DWTS, she doesn’t want to see a “homophobic Paso Doble” or a “xenophobic Cha-Cha”.

“The ideas that the Tamakis have can actually be deadly. There would be no Christchurch mosque shootings if it wasn’t for dangerous ideas like theirs, and our LGBTQ community are at a way higher risk of dying by suicide. That stuff is properly dangerous,” she says.

“I can’t stop people from listening to the Tamakis, I can’t stop people going to their church.

“But I can say please don’t bring that stuff to my place of work, to our place of work. And please don’t make her a hero in New Zealand’s living rooms.”

Lloyd’s views encouraged co-host Jeremy Corbett to provide a solution to see if any other New Zealand stars wanted to take Tamaki’s place.

“We’ve started a little campaign I like to call ‘If I Have To’, where we’ve put the call out to some other Kiwi celebrities – actual well-loved stars – who are willing to take her place if they have to,” he says.

Stars who got the call-up were cooking personality Annabelle White, former DWTS host Jason Gunn and 2018 DWTS celebrity contestant David Seymour.

Seymour says although it’s an election year he’ll come back to the show “if that’s necessary”.

Corbett then teased fellow co-host Jesse Mulligan saying it was a good chance for him to “announce his DWTS debut”, but he remained tight-lipped about any potential involvement.

“I’d like to reiterate that MediaWorks will make its statement about this year’s DWTS contestants a little closer to the time of the debut of the show,” Mulligan says.

Guest host Patrick Gower added he wants Tamaki on the show so he can conquer her on the dancefloor.

“A little part of me wanted Hannah Tamaki to be on [DWTS] so I could beat her on the dancefloor and defeat her ideas with my moves.”

Dancing With The Stars will return to Three later this year, and will once again be hosted by Sharyn Casey and Dai Henwood.

Kanoa Lloyd slams Hannah Tamaki over Dancing With The Stars rumours

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