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A part of the original image that led to the first site being removed from facebook.

Welcome to Islamic State Watch – New Zealand!!!

This site was initiated back in 2015 after the original facebook page with over 2000 followers was taken down by NZ police after a faithful believer posted photos of himself and his weapons with an ISIS flag pinned to the wall behind him. He’d thought we were a page supporting Islam, and a lot of Kiwi women are attracted to those fighting against the system! It turns out it wasn’t a dating or hook-up site, and the NZ Police arrested the guy and fb closed the page down.

The original site had been started earlier in 2015 due to a lack of response from authorities over extremist recruitment methodologies. Apparently no one within the moslem communities thought these were anything out of the ordinary apart from normal Islamic behaviour. What is ‘terrorism’ to one, is ‘freedom-fighting’ to another. What is religious truth to one is offensive heresy to another. What is Islamic marriage to one culture is “child-abuse” to another. What is honour killing in the name of the prophet to one, is ‘domestic violence’ to another.

So we’ve set out to catalogue “normal” Islamic behaviour here in NZ.

It is the ‘ordinary’ majority who are pushing for Sharia law in NZ, not the extremists who are only interested in getting their 72 virgins in some foreign war zone. It is the moslem ordinaries who are trying to cover the crimes of the followers of their prophet. And ‘crime’ is a subjective word, because many in the NZ prisons are in for ‘crimes’ that are not crimes by sharia. That is partly why recruiting has been so successful in prisons and amongst Maori.

So why do we need this site? How else would we remember that it was the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ that had instigated the spread of militant al-Qaeda style Islam in NZ, when the MSM are removing these stories from their own sites? Or that it is in the Christchurch community where this radical militant group were conceived? Or that less than 1% of the population benefit financially from applying their own taxes on 95% of our meat industry.

Like the NZ Government, we have lost track of the “kiwi’s” fighting overseas. But we will endeavour to note them down and add them to the site when they return.

As part of the jihadi recruitment process here in NZ we were offered flights overseas to study in Saudi Arabia. All sponsored by local businesses. For those of us still doubting, we were encouraged to check everything in the koran and sira and it would be verified as true. We’ve checked. It’s not. Much of the poetry was around beforehand. Likewise the different religious stories, which were often considered heresy in their local areas; like the Holy Mother being impregnated by an angel in the shape of a well formed man? Heresy! Christians have killed each other for far less in centuries prior to this koranic translation! Mecca was never a major trade route during that time. Yes there was bloody violence, but that wasn’t motivated by anyone’s prophetic revelations.

And it is because of these studies that we maintain the easiest way to end these false religious beliefs and the cultural practices based on them is to educate people to the truth of how it all started. War only keeps people stupid. Education is the key.

Thanks again for your support.

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