#BoycottHalalNZ launches ‘cheeky’ $500 competition

The Boycott Halal NZ facebook group have launched what they call a “cheeky” competition in the hope of winning $500 of someone else’s money. In the case of the example given, it’s the New World grocery store. The $500 is on offer as part of the standard feedback loop of that chain of stores.

The idea behind the “competition” is that people text in their feedback to promote the Boycott Halal message.

We would remind them the FIANZ, who certifies halal in NZ, was also the principle sponsor of Al-Qaeda in NZ, aka Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, aka Islamic State of New Zealand, who boast of sending men to fight. Not only did FIANZ directly contribute to their creation, but has also actively promoted and facilitated visiting radical imams to tour throughout NZ stopping over at many mosques. All of which has been printed in the NZ media over the last two decades. Admittedly, most articles have been bleached form the internet, but that is the purpose of this site: you can search through the tags on the right (or below) for more information on these deleted items.

Good luck!