NZ ISIS leader seeks to barter Brentan Tarrant for kidnapped Nurse.

Using one of his many aliases, the leader of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, a.k.a. Islamic State in New Zealand, has petitioned the NZ Government to exchange Brentan Tarrant for Louisa Akavi.

Akavi was part of a groups of five Red Cross workers that were taken hostage in 2013 and have been spotted working in clinics in Syria.  The petition requested “That the House of Representatives urge the Government to offer the alleged Christchurch mass murderer in exchange for the New Zealand nurse taken hostage by ISIS.” The reasoning given was that “The return of our New Zealand nurse, saving taxpayers the grief of paying for the alleged Christchurch mass murderer’s trial, food, and upkeep.” The petition closed on July 30th with just nine signatures.

Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, who appears with a different name in almost every media article and facebook profile he has, changed the name of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association (AMMA) when it looked like ISIS were winning territory. His online following appeared to grow exponentially after his proclamation, leading to a number of social media accounts being closed or temporarily disabled.  The AMMA came into being after a series of nationwide meetings arranged and financially sponsored, in part, by FIANZ at mosques throughout the country; including Christchurch. Still riding the tide of 9/11, groups of his followers have returned to these mosques recruiting and fundraising since before the Arab Spring Uprising which he then was promoting, the success of which he offered as evidence for the blessing of Allah behind his vision.

FIANZ now raise millions each year through their Halal Taxes on our foods, and large Maori tourism component. While they have since attempted to distance themselves from Kireka-Whaanga’s views, the personal views of NZ’s Islamic State leader clearly still identically represent what the majority of NZ Muslims want, if the FIANZ submission for the creation of a Royal Commission is any representation of ordinary NZ Islam.

Kireka-Whaanga, at one time linked to the Mongrel Mob through his connections, has never been incarcerated for his Islamic recruitment or fundraising efforts. His work in promoting the Maori Halal industry has earned him a space in the Muslim Top 500, which also includes other terror instigators from Hamas, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. His success is no doubt because he has claimed that Islam provides the perfect vehicle for the quest for Maori sovereignty (tino rangatiratanga).

His jihad is to overthrow colonialism and white culture and religion.

Although various Government officials and academics have at times drawn parallels of the legitimacy of his work and similar acceptable (to them) organisations overseas, his local mosque has written him off as mentally unfit.

Questions for NZ Muslims.



  1. You’re shooting yourselves in both feet. Tarrant is a stooge in NZs 911, inside job, FF event. Stop spreading lies as your just as bad as PMs, MPs, Legal and media to perpetuate lie propaganda re Tarrant in support of a feeding fenzy of fear. Fact is the people will be forced to stand up to remove these criminal harm farming cartel called government, as they close in on the people with their psychopathetic death cult UN and expanding police state powers. Time to turn the crown upside down.

    1. ChCh being a FF is irrelivant in the face of Islamic Shariah appeasing Jacinda and those “Moderates” who pretend they are peaceful. Yet would love to take orders from ISIS. Theres 2 agendas working together. Just as it did with Hitlers Regime. We know Hitler himself used False Flags too.

      Its time we deported Islam and Banned it like Japan has. No one ridicules Japan for the same sentiment many NZers have. The deeper fault is the UN and Jacinda.

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