Petition to Designate Hamas as a Terrorist Entity.

You can sign the petition on the NZ Government website here:  Petition to Designate Hamas as a Terrorist Entity

The Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational Sunni Islamist movement that seeks to implement sharia (Islamic law) under a global caliphate. Founded in Egypt in 1928, the Brotherhood is that country’s oldest Islamist organization and has branches throughout the world. While these branches operate under a variety of names and use a variety of social, political, and occasionally violent methods, they share a commitment to the overarching goal of establishing rule according to sharia. The most notable and lethal Brotherhood offshoot is Hamas, the Palestinian terror group operating out of the Gaza Strip. Some analysts also argue that the Brotherhood has served as the ideological forerunner of modern violent Islamist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. The group has been labelled a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

More information on Hamas can be found here.

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  1. Hamas intentionaly use UN funds to help build terrorist operations, tunnels that help its army to kill innocent Jews, They rig their elections so that HAMAS is a never ending regime killing it’s own people. New Zealand needs to step up and stop letting Pro Palestinian propaganda win and hinder our nations relations with Israel.

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