Man launches frenzied attack on woman in Hamilton Gardens after she denies him sex.

Man launches frenzied attack on woman in Hamilton Gardens after she denies him sex.

Man, dog, escape burning car in Hamilton.

Mohamoud Abdullahi Mohamed and his dog Lala, pictured soon after the car he was driving mysteriously burst into flames in downtown Frankton.

She said “no” to sex – so he bit, punched and choked her and then slammed her head into the asphalt in a frenzied attack in a car park in Hamilton Gardens.

And Mohamoud Mohamed followed up his vicious assault with a tirade of threats against his supposed friend, including threatening to bury her in a nearby cemetery and also taking her to a group of gang members who would chain her up and rape her.

Mohamoud Abdullahi Mohamed, 35, was jailed for three years and six months when he appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Monday, on charges of wounding with intent to injure, indecent assault and threatening to kill.

They all stemmed from an incident that began in a car park at the Hamilton Gardens in the early hours of Monday, April 23 last year.

At the time Mohamed was living in his car. His victim, whom he knew, had recently been forced to leave the house where she had been staying and he had offered to let her stay in the Nissan with him – an offer she accepted.

However, it appeared he had an ulterior motive.

The pair were sitting together in the car that night when he asked her to have sex with him.

She said no.

As the Crown summary of facts on the case describes it, Mohamed responded by telling his victim that she was going to have sexual intercourse with him “whether she like it or not”.

He locked the vehicle and began touching the woman on her arms and legs and then, in spite of her pleas for him to stop, he began rubbing her genitals over the top of her clothing.

Mohamed became angry with his victim’s refusal to submit to his advances. He grabbed her neck tightly, causing her to struggle for breath. Then he began hitting her arms and legs and bit her arm.

Then he got out and went around to the front passenger door, and grabbing her by her arm pulled her out of the car.

Grabbing the woman’s neck with both hands he began strangling her. He kicked and punched her and pushed her to the ground.

He stood over his victim, then grabbed her head and repeatedly bashed it into the asphalt.

Pulling her to her feet, he ordered her to get back in the car. Once they were both back in the car he grabbed the crotch area of her pants and ripped them open, before pulling at her underwear and touching her genitals.

Mohamed held a knife to the terrified woman, told her he would kill her, and punched her as she tried to fend him off.

Eventually, he let go of her and told her to get out of the car. Handing her a pair of jeans he told her to change her pants.

Once she was back in the car, he drove off from the gardens at speed. Once mobile – as she begged him to drop her off at a nearby mosque – the violence changed from physical to psychological.

Mohamed told the woman he could do whatever he wanted to her. He asked her if she was ready for him to kill her.

He told her he was going to take her to the cemetery and “f***ing bury you bitch”. He then threatened to take her to a group of gang members who would chain her up and rape her.

The woman managed to escape from the car on Grey St and she ran to a nearby house for help.

When spoken to by the police, Mohamed maintained he had hit the woman once to get her out of his car. He denied any sexual aspect of the offending.

As well as being traumatised by the event, the woman suffered abrasions and bruises on her back and arms and swelling to her head and neck.

About a month following the attack Mohamed featured in a story in Stuff and the Waikato Times, after he and his dog narrowly escaped without injury when the car he was driving caught on fire in Frankton.

He did not disclose to reporters that at that time he was before the courts or facing charges.