Christchurch mosque attack hero meets with minister over donated money concerns.

“We would not get a cent in any other country.” They assume NZ’s own Victim Support group is as fraudulent as their own FIANZ! They have no clue we have a different culture than theirs!
Christchurch mosque attack hero meets with minister over donated money concerns.

Jacinda Ardern, MP Megan Woods, and Imam Abdul Alabi Lateef at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch.

Abdul Aziz has met with the minister in charge of the March 15 terror attack response to share his concerns over how donated money has been distributed.

Aziz, who chased the gunman away from the Linwood mosque, met with Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister Megan Woods at her Christchurch office for about 30 minutes on Friday.

The attack survivor has raised concerns over how Victim Support has distributed about $10 million in donated funds and has questions over how Muslim groups like the The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) have distributed donated money.

After the meeting, Woods said she would pass on his concerns about Muslim groups to the Office of Ethnic Communities.

“We’re going to communicate some of the things that Abdul has told me today to the wider community,” she said.

“These are not issues for the Government, but we are more than happy to communicate there are tensions.

“It is outside the scope of when government would get involved.”

She offered Aziz reassurance that registered charities, like Victim Support, would be audited every year.

“We have got him some information about how the Department of Internal Affairs audits charitable organisations so people can have confidence that when people say they have collected money they know that has been collected.”

Aziz thanked everyone who had donated to help victims of the March 15 attack, but said the way the money had been distributed disturbed and divided his community.

?”[Victims] are already going through a lot, don’t put them through more,” he said.

“We want [FIANZ] to come clean and say how much they have collected and who it is for.”

Al Noor mosque survivor Mustafa Boztas said Aziz was making victims look ungrateful for the money they had been given.

“I think they should stop protesting and be grateful,” he said.

“He is making us look bad and like we are not grateful. We are grateful for what we have received. They should be grateful for what they have received.

“They could have received nothing. We would not get a cent in any other country.”