Islamics plan to immortalise Ebba Akerlund & Brenton Tarrant with memorial in his honour.

The death of Ebba Akerlund, 11, in a Stockholm terrorist attack was one of the motivating factors of Tarrant for his shooting spree according to his manifesto.

Ambitious proposals for a memorial to the March 15 terror attack response include a large ornamental water feature, a playground and a conference centre.

The New Zealand Federation of Islamic Associations (FIANZ) has drawn up concept plans for a memorial to “capture the legacy of how New Zealanders all came together as one” after the shootings at two Christchurch mosques.

The architecture firm behind the concept plans, Apa Architects in Rotorua, estimated the project would cost between $10 million and $15m to build, he said.
Ambitious concept plans for a memorial to the New Zealand response after the March 15 terror attacks include an ornamental water feature, a conference centre and a playground.

FIANZ president Mustafa Farouk said there could be two memorials. One would memorialise the 51 people killed, while the second, outlined in the ambitious concept plans, would be a celebration of New Zealand’s response to the attack.

It could be funded by foreign countries, religious groups, the Christchurch City Council and central Government, Farouk said. By comparison, the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial for the 185 people killed in the February 2011 earthquake cost $11m.

The concept plan had been presented to embassy staff from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, along with Jewish, Mormon and Anglican leaders in New Zealand.

Ambitious memorial proposed for Christchurch mosque attack response

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  1. Maybe build it in Saudi Arabia, but not in New Zealand, we already know we are awesome and don’t want another reminder of this visiting foreign terrorist shooting a bunch of foreign visitors in our lovely country!!

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