Sonny Bill Williams pushes global caliphate agenda to Australia

All Black Sonny Bill Williams tackles ‘cocky’ Australian Senator over his anti-Muslim comments
Sonny Bill Williams’ BMW sponsorship reviewed over links to controversial Muslim clerics

All Blacks Sonny Bill Williams has crash tackled Australian Senator Fraser Anning on social media, after the controversial politician vowed to ban Muslim immigration.

Far-right senator Anning, recently egged for his controversial views, vowed to ban Muslims and black people from immigrating to Australia.

After Anning hosted a press conference in Sydney he put out a string of tweets, raising the eyebrows of Williams, who is Muslim.

“Today I was at Cronulla announcing candidates for NSW,” Anning began.

“As you know, this area is the Prime Minister’s seat, and there’s been all sorts of problems here with the Muslim immigrants who have come here and attacked people.”

A now-deleted tweet followed, saying Cronulla residents and the people of NSW were “very concerned about Muslim immigration”.

“My party will ban all Muslim and Black immigration and ensure safety for Australians once more.”