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German Women’s Magazine Teaches Girls To Treat Stab Wounds

German Women’s Magazine Teaches Girls To Treat Stab Wounds

The article, titled “How do I treat a stab wound?” provides basic advice for stab victims such as “Importantly, before you provide first aid, make sure the perpetrators have disappeared, your own safety is a priority.”In a Twitter post, author and reporter Pamela Geller wrote, “Germany: Women’s Magazine Gives Tips on Treating Stab Wounds: ‘Heath and Fitness’ in the age of jihad. #SICK.”

Knife crime in Germany has risen 1,200% in the last ten years and it has jumped 600% since the country brought in over 2 million largely Muslim migrants.

Last month, five different cities across Germany had stabbing attacks on the same day.

The UK has also seen a sharp increase in knife crime since they were flooded by Muslim migrants, and now Britain is spending over $100 million to combat the growing threat.

As stabbings continue to increase in Germany, reports indicate more citizens are purchasing firearms to defend themselves from attacks.

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