Sharia creep continues as FIANZ engages with NZ Government agencies.

2019 was always going to be a big year for political Islamification in New Zealand. By ‘Islamification’, we mean the aligning of NZ law with sharia law. Initially the sharia creep started with halal foods, and now the average Kiwi eats 100% halal slaughtered meat, notice the 1% want a say in our prison and police system also. This is no secret. This from a January 2019 FAINZ newsletter:

FIANZ engages with Government agencies.

FIANZ and the Local Associations held a number of meetings with various Government agencies in the last quarter of 2018. They covered a wide range of important issues.

Department of Corrections and Ministry of Justice

Dr Mustafa Farouk, FIANZ president, met with officials to facilitate Islamic pastoral services for people seeking guidance on Islam.

Immigration NZ (Hamilton)

A meeting was held in Hamilton with INZ (below) to look into issues faced by our community members trying to bring their spouses to New Zealand. In attendance were Sheikh Mohammad Amir, Dr Anwar Ghani and Ikhlaq Kashkari.

Michael Wood MP

A meeting was held with Michael Wood MP, who is the Under-Secretary for Ethnic Communities, at Avondale Islamic Centre. Under discussion were the issues and challenges faced by some of the Muslim community in accessing support services. A follow-up meeting was held to agree an action plan with timelines.

Immigration NZ (Auckland)

FIANZ officials and representatives from NZMA and SAMA met with INZ in Auckland to discuss problems obtaining visas for religious leaders and scholars visiting New Zealand. The issue of ‘work versus visit’ was one of the important topics discussed. Improvements were identified that would remove ambiguities.

Ministry of Primary Industries and NZ Customs

A meeting (above) was held at NZMA’s Ranui Mosque with MPI and NZ Customs to discuss issues some of our community face entering New Zealand. High-ranking officials met with community leaders, including Ikhlaq Kashkari (far right), who chaired the meeting, and Dr Anwar Ghani.


Javed Khan (below), who is the Director of Halal Protocol for FIANZ, and Dr Anwar Ghani met with MPI, AHOs and key industry representatives in Auckland during the AHO (Authorised Halal Organisation) Forum. They discussed issues related to halal integrity, market access requirements and so forth

Source: Community Connect ISSUE 2, JANUARY 2019

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