Fury over development plans for Brisbane Muslim-only Zone’.

This is bare naked Islamic supremacism and separatism.

There is no such thing as “multiculturalism” when Muslims are involved. Muslims won’t assimilate, they segregate into parallel communities – the latest of which is the plan for an Islamic ‘mega project’ in Brisbane, that will include mosques, apartments, Islamic schools, and a walkway called ‘Mecca.’

The sprawling all-Muslim development will feature 120 apartments to start, a two-story mosque, Islamic school, childcare center, and will be an extension of the Australian International Islamic College in Brisbane

Daily Mail (h/t Christine D)  Plans for an Islamic ‘mega project’ in Brisbane featuring a mosque, apartments and a childcare centre have been condemned by the community who have slammed it as a segregated Muslim enclave. The development – which will provide cradle to grave care for Muslims – has sparked fury with residents at a nearby retirement village.

Those opposed to the master plan argue it promotes segregation and is incompatible with the area’s multicultural values, but supporters claim it will not be exclusive to Muslims, A Current Affair reports.

The Australian International Islamic College lodged plans to add a mosque, 120 residential apartments, childcare and Islamic retail space within its existing site at Durack, in the city’s southern outskirts.

Muslim Sultan Deen has hit back at claims it will encourage a divide between the Islam community and the rest of the area. He also denies it will be a Muslim ‘enclave’ and says it will welcome people of all religions, but he knows that no one from any other religion would dare move into that kind of complex.

Residents of the adjacent retirement village say they do not oppose the plans because it will cater to Muslims, but because it will dramatically increase traffic and reduce privacy, not to mention decrease existing home values. The Islamic school houses 600 students but will skyrocket to 2000 if the plans are given the green light.


Residents opposed to the plan for a Muslim community have lodged a petition with Brisbane City Council. ‘The apparent exclusivity of the proposed development to a religious group will offer hardly any benefit to the community it is situated in as a whole and is inconsistent with the multicultural community that already exists in the suburb,’ the petition, cited by the South-West News, stated.

Labor councillor Steve Griffiths said he was opposed to the development proposal for 724 Blunder Road, however he stressed this was on planning and not religious grounds.

‘The impact on other local residents’ amenity appears well beyond that expected of its use as community facilities – educational purposes,’ he said in a submission obtained by Quest Newspapers. The plans, seen by Daily Mail Australia, include a proposal for a two-story mosque covering 1,970 square metres.

But that isn’t all. Muslims have a plan to build their own Islamic state (caliphate) within the nation of Australia for which they will demand autonomy.


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