D’oh! Sonny Bill Williams supports Plunket. Does Plunket support SBW?

Sonny Bill Williams supports Plunket. Does Plunket support SBW?

Sonny Bill Williams supports Plunket. Does Plunket support SBW?

by Cameron Slater on April 15, 2017 at 7:30am

Pam writes:

I feel a great deal of disquiet about Sonny Bill being an advocate for Plunket.

He appears to show a great deal of affection to the young and is probably in himself a nice young man. But he is a Muslim.

Have Plunket thought it through about having him as a high profile ad for Plunket? They have opened the door to him, but he doesn’t come alone. He comes as an advocate for Islam and behind him are his ‘minders’ who appear to manipulate him.

They all believe that Muhammed was the perfect man and they agree with FGM, killing of gays, using babies for ‘thighing’, marrying off little girls and using them at 9 years of age, using little boys as sexual toys, stoning women to death, and women (mothers) are worth half that of a man etc etc etc.

How well does all this fit with Plunket?

Has Plunket welcomed the snake?

And then iera points out

As well as also wondering about the issues Pam raises – that’s Plunket, of which the principal sponsor is BNZ

SBW may play decent sport, but he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Once these people convert to Islam they become the tool of other people’s intentions.

And based on what just happened, they haven’t thought it all through either.

There seems to be a need for SBW to align himself with commercial sponsors that are not the same sponsors as the companies he works for.

First it was BMW while the All Blacks have a long established relationship with Ford.  And now the rejection of the BNZ and the promotion of Plunket that has the BNZ as its principal sponsor.

The lesson here is to ensure that one person isn’t bigger than the team, bigger than the game, and gets told to stop being an idiot or ply your trade elsewhere.

It must be remembered how often SBW changed teams and codes.  Even tried boxing.   I have this feeling that everyone was happy to see him leave.   And New Zealand have been the patsy in picking up this Prima Donna.

If someone is of a certain religion that has requirements that the sport and sponsors can’t cater for, then the compromise is made by the individual.

Michael Jones wouldn’t play on Sundays.   It was respected, but if a game fell on Sunday, he didn’t take the field.  The current wet liberal NZRFU would go to hell and back to try and get all the games scheduled on days other than Sunday.

When you let the exceptions drive the majority, it may seem “tolerant” and “inclusive”, but there is a reason the rest of us are the majority:  we are the ones with most of the needs and wants.  Also, as we have seen with gender definitions and toilets, you get to the point of not being able to cater for exceptions because they will not suit other exceptions.

BMW stuffed up and quietly backed out.  Yes they have.   BMW just hope it won’t blow up in their faces and people like me don’t make a big deal about it.  Plunket have until Wednesday at the latest to take a position on being seen to sponsor a man whose religion wants to cut off little girls’ clitorises.

Are we so afraid of offending Islam in this country that now we have tacitly accepted a person’s life choices that are diametrically opposed to 98% of the people that make up New Zealand?

We don’t do “boycotts” or “bans”.  But I can choose where I will place my support.   And until Sonny Bill is clearly rejected by Plunket, I will not consider them to be acting in the interest of vulnerable little human beings. Especially the girls.