NZ Muslim hypocrisy 101

This is typical Islamic hypocrisy. While Sonny Bill Williams has had no objection to claiming his millions in dollars of playing fees from global financial corporate AIG (in part responsible for the last global financial crisis) and he feels comfortable in shafting a local Bank that provides both his own fees, and over the years, sponsorship of New Zealand children’s, club, and provincial rugby.

Sonny Bill Williams tapes over the Bank sponsorship logo for a game where his unorthodox move, that of rolling the ball along the ground to an opposition player, created the turning point in the game which led to his team’s loss.

Meanwhile, NZ Muslims continue build mosques around the country with the millions of dollars gained in hidden Halal fees that New Zealand consumers pay in even their basic foods like flour, sugar, meat and cheese.

Why has Sonny Bill Williams covered the BNZ logo on his Blues jersey?

Why has Sonny Bill Williams covered the BNZ logo on his Blues jersey?

Sonny Bill Williams with the covered up logo. Photo / Getty Images

The Blues are reportedly unclear why Sonny Bill Williams covered up a sponsorship logo on his playing jersey during last night’s Super Rugby match against the Highlanders and plan on taking the matter up with Williams’ manager Khoder Nasser.

Williams had only been back on the field for a matter of minutes before creating a social media stir by covering up the BNZ logo on his Blues jersey’s collar with medical tape.

Newstalk ZB’s Tony Veitch has reported that the Blues were unaware of SBW’s plans to make the changes and would address it with his management this week.

The mysterious move sent social media into a flurry, with hundreds of Twitter users asking why?

The powerful 31-year-old midfielder is the only Blues player on the field to have covered the BNZ logo.

This is Williams’ first 15s rugby game since the 2015 Rugby World Cup final.

The Herald have contacted the Blues for comment this evening.

Williams’ manger Khoder Nasser said he is yet to discuss the decision with the player.