When opinion is offered without balance

Quran 4:100. And whoever emigrates for the cause of God will find on the earth many [alternative] locations and abundance.

And what is the “cause” of God for Muslims?

When the truth is stretched, minorities suffer

This article is specifically written as an apologetic for Islam without any balance what-so-ever. There is no mention here of any of the chaos being wreaked in Sydney last year by specifically only Muslims. No statistics were given about the number of radical Islamists in our prisons or on watch lists. We have more Buddhists in NZ than Mohammedans, and yet there is no Buddhist terrorist list circulated.

There is no mention here that there are MANY others who are fully qualified in the areas that we lack who are not Muslims, and therefore Terry Sarten practices exactly the type of fear mongering that he accuses others of doing. He is trying to get his audience to be afraid that they may not have sufficient healthcare if they do not accept Islam in this country. This is clearly another example of the hypocrisy of the political left.

When he says that “There is no risk of New Zealand being overwhelmed by people of other ethnicities or religious beliefs.” he has clearly not thought of how the political minorities in this country are attempting to introduce homosexuality into schools.

There is NO mention that these some of these Islamic people are so dangerous that our defense allies Saudi Arabia will not accept them.

He should consider before he write another piece like this that he at least attempts some basic research of the consequences of the spread of the Islamic culture through Europe over the last few months, or even just over the ditch in Australia.

A simple example from England: British traditions such as Christmas celebrations are under threat