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Disgraced diplomat Muhammad Rizalman gets 9 months’ home detention for indecent assault

NZ Islamics often try and recruit new members by claiming Islamic people are not ‘sinful’ like others, and this is proof that Islam is better than any other religion.

On May 9, 2014, Rizalman, an assistant to the defence attache at the Malaysian High Commission, followed Ms Billingsley to her home in Brooklyn, Wellington. After waiting outside for 30 to 40 minutes, he walked in the unlocked front door and appeared in her bedroom, naked from the waist down.

A struggle ensued in which Rizalman grabbed her shoulders. Rizalman said he admitted the indecent assault charge on the basis his half-nakedness was indecent.

He claimed he’d followed Ms Billingsley after she’d given him a “signal” by smiling at him and he simply wanted to talk to her about his problems. The Crown argued there was a sexual motive and Justice Collins agreed.

Rizalman claimed he stayed outside the flat initially as he was waiting for an invitation to enter, but he then had an emergency bout of diarrhea and defecated on Ms Billingsley’s patio.

He said he then entered her flat as he searched for a bathroom to clean himself up.

The Crown, however, alleged that Rizalman, a believer in black magic, was trying to put a spell on Ms Billingsley.

He initially said he’d met Ms Billingsley at the movies, returned to her home and the pair argued over him eating her food.

Rizalman arrived in New Zealand in September 2013, but his behaviour changed in 2014.

He bought synthetic cannabis from a Wellington shop, where he behaved inappropriately towards a shop assistant.

On May 8, 2014, he tried to “pick up” another woman in town.
Disgraced diplomat Muhammad Rizalman gets 9 months’ home detention for indecent assault

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