The sexual assaults in Cologne show even the harshest facts must be faced

THE ideologues of modern feminism have plumbed new depths of hypocrisy in the past week.

If there was ever any doubt that the feminist movement has been hijacked by unprincipled cowards more concerned with their own moral vanity than equality between the sexes, there shouldn’t be now.

One would’ve thought that the loudest segments of the sisterhood, who write obsessively about imagined rape culture and victim blaming, would be eager to examine the very real and sickening sexual brutality visited upon hundreds of women in Germany on New Year’s Eve by hordes of entitled men.

Feminists’ silence on issues such as forced marriages, female genital mutilation, honour killings and wholesale subjugation of women in Muslim countries is nothing new, but they are now silent on incidents occurring in the Western world.

Gang attacks on women in Germany and other parts of Europe by newly-arrived Muslim migrants, some of whom view women as nothing more than objects, have barely raised a ripple among feminist activists who can be relied upon to become enraged over the most trivial offence.

On New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne, up to a thousand men sexually assaulted and robbed dozens of women.

A crowd had gathered between the train station and the town’s cathedral to celebrate and watch the fireworks. Among the crowd were hundreds of men described as Arabic or North African in appearance who launched “co-ordinated attacks” against terrified young women.

The men attacked in groups, surrounding a victim or victims, preventing onlookers and police from seeing what was happening within the mass of bodies. The women were groped and assaulted and many also had their possessions stolen.

When police attempted to clear the crowd, they were attacked with fireworks and taunted.

Veteran officers said the attacks were unprecedented and that they’d never seen such disrespect for authority. One of the attackers is reported to have told officers: “I am Syrian; I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me here.”

More than 150 women have filed criminal complaints, including at least two cases of rape. So far federal police have identified 32 suspects, 22 of them asylum seekers.

A police officer told the Cologne Express: “These people have been in Germany for only a few days or weeks. This is the truth, even if it hurts.”

So what was the response of the Cologne’s feminist mayor to the deranged rampage by a thousand-strong mob of predatory males?

She advised German women to change their behaviour so as to lessen the chance of becoming a victim. Mayor Henriette Reker indulged in a spot of victim-blaming by imploring women to keep men “at arm’s length” and to adopt a “code of conduct” when out.

Reker has been rightly condemned for her comments but not by feminists, whose bizarre alliance with Islamists is like turkeys praying for Christmas.

The German episode is reminiscent of what occurred in the UK town of Rotherham where more than 1400 girls and women were subjected to sexual abuse for more than a decade by gangs of men.

The abuse of girls as young as 11 was all but ignored by authorities because the victims were mainly white and the perpetrators mainly Pakistani. Authorities feared they would be seen as racist if they pursued complaints.

German police officials have also been heavily criticised for attempting to cover up the NYE attacks. The day after the rampage an official press release from Cologne police described the celebrations as “peaceful”.

The media hasn’t escaped scrutiny either. Former interior minister Hans-Peter Freidrich was among those who blamed it for burying stories that paint asylum seekers in a negative light.

“It’s a scandal that it took days for the media to pick up the reports,” he said.

However, current interior minister Ralf Jaeger seemed far more concerned about a backlash against Germany’s open border policy. He said: “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chatrooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting women.”

That warped view was backed by feminists here who either refused to acknowledge the attacks occurred or that the background of the attackers may be relevant. Just as they did after Rotherham.

The few who were shamed into commenting used their platform to label those concerned by the Cologne attacks as racist. That’s what passes for critical thought among local frightbats. who view the migrant perpetrators as bigger victims than the innocent women they assaulted.

Meanwhile Forbes senior journalist Frances Coppola posted a comment alleging a vast conspiracy: “I suspect anti-immigration people of organising the Cologne sex crimes. Fastest way of getting borders closed.”

But the Cologne attacks were far from isolated; there were similar attacks on NYE in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

The Scandinavian experience has shown what can happen when a nation effectively imports “rape culture” by allowing mass migration from countries that view women as second-class citizens.

Figures released last year reveal the incidence of rape in Sweden has tripled in the past decade, with Muslim men significantly overrepresented in the statistics.

These are issues that should be discussed openly, particularly by feminists, but the culture of denial and appeasement sees debate silenced and those asking uncomfortable questions condemned as bigots.

Institutionalised political correctness is a danger to women.

The sexual assaults in Cologne show even the harshest facts must be faced