Fake Hamilton taxi driver jailed for groping two girls

Quran 2:235. There is no blame upon you for that to which you [indirectly] allude concerning a proposal to women or for what you conceal within yourselves.
Fake Hamilton taxi driver jailed for groping two girls

“It was the final day of Waikato University’s annual Orientation Week when Mohamed Ali Essa hopped into his car and drove into downtown Hamilton, searching for drunk young women to molest.
And the 54-year-old mechanic was successful in his quest, easily locating and sexually assaulting two teenaged girls who he offered rides to, under the pretence he was a taxi driver.
Following a two-day trial in the Hamilton District Court in June, Essa was found guilty by Judge Merelina Burnett of four counts of indecent assault, one charge of abduction for the purpose of sexual connection, and one of assault with the intent of sexual violation.
Essa was back before Burnett on Monday morning, where he was sentenced to three years and two months’ imprisonment for the crimes he committed in the early hours of March 9 last year.”

“Keung asked the judge to consider references submitted to the court, testifying to Essa’s good character in raising a family of seven successful children and his supportive role for the city’s Islamic community.”

“Heale said it wasn’t his place to comment on the severity of the sentence delivered by the judge, although said he had noticed the volume of issues surrounding the taxi industry in Hamilton.”