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Halal Tourism – an opportunity for Māori tourism businesses?


FIANZ, who you will remember from WikiLeaks as a major promotor of Saudi brand Islam, is pushing the separate registration/halal taxation of Maori businesses.

Most people know that Muslims do not drink alcohol, or consume food that has been cooked with alcohol. They do not consume anything that has used pork products. All other  meat must be halal.

Halal visitors would love to be able to try our fantastic seafood and meats that we have on offer here – all it takes is a couple of small changes in the kitchen (for example, not using alcohol during cooking, and making sure that all meat has been purchased from a halal-certified butcher). Some places even do a ‘halal hangi’ for their Muslim guests. Many would salivate over a halal-prepared roast lamb with all the trimmings!

Principles of Islam are very similar to Māori – respecting the earth and the sea. Thanking them for sharing their bounty with us, and only taking that which we need. The similarities form a strong foundation for shared tourism experiences. The opportunities exist – and NZ Māori Tourism will be working alongside FIANZ to ensure that our members and halal visitors to New Zealand make the most of them.

Halal Tourism – an opportunity for Māori tourism businesses?

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