Call for religious tolerance lessons in schools

This from the people who want to ban the use of the word Christmas at Christmas time, and have been dominating local council meetings to do away with local Christmas parades and celebrations!! See also: A case against teaching Islam in schools.

Requiring the teaching of religious tolerance in state schools is being put forward as a no-brainer.

It comes as members of Muslim communities, making submissions on the Terrorist Fighters Bill, have raised concern that the only view of Islam that New Zealanders are getting is through news reports about terrorism.

The Secular Education Network spokesman David Hines says schools are supposed to be sensitive to religious diversity.

However there is nothing to ensure it actually happens, as it’s left up to school boards to decide.

David Hines says on the other hand, 700 schools are teaching Bible in schools, which is a blatant promotion of exclusive Christianity.

Call for religious tolerance lessons in schools